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Unicorn School Sep 2020

Unicorn School celebrates 50 years

Unicorn School was founded in Kew 50 years ago by a group of local, pioneering parents and teachers who wanted to create a school that offered a rounded education, encouraged children to flourish creatively and enjoy the process of learning.

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Lessons in perseverance

Perseverance is a critical life skill which is best learnt outside of the classroom suggests Charles Fillingham of Francis Holland School, Regent’s Park. And, ironically, these self-taught lessons can sometimes be some of the most valuable of all.


Episode 4: Perseverance and sleep

Joining Matthew this week is Charles Fillingham of Francis Holland School and Jane Prescott of Portsmouth High. We discuss how you can teach your child the skill of perseverance and why getting a good night’s sleep is so critical for us all.


Trampoline parenting

Clemmie Stewart and Rebecca Glover of Surbiton High School outline their concept of ‘trampoline parenting’ – where children are allowed the opportunity to make mistakes and learn from these, whilst being supported by their parents when they fail.


Episode 3: Trampoline parenting

Joining Matthew this week is Clemmie Stewart, Head of Surbiton High Prep Schools and Rebecca Glover, Principal of Surbiton High School. We discuss the new concept of 'trampoline parenting' and the positive advantages it offers parents and children.


Rethinking the school gate

The drastic changes needed for socially-distanced pick up and drop off has had unintended positive consequences, explains Susan McLean of Kitebrook Preparatory School. Is it time to rethink the school gate permanently?


Episode 2: Unexpected consequences

Joining Matthew this week is Susan McLean, Head of Kitebrook Prep and Nina Kingsmill Moore, Head of Glendower Prep. We discuss how the changes needed for socially-distanced pick up and drop off has surprisingly boosted children's confidence.

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