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Starting at Nursery

Starting nursery can be a daunting but exciting new chapter in your little one’s life – and yours. Here are some tips to make the transition as easy as possible.

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25th March 2021Talking

Talk opening about starting nursery. But don’t be overly enthusiastic, as silly as that sounds, you don’t want to over-hype the situation and make your child feel anxious. Slowly broach the subject about leaving them to play with new friends. Rather than using the word ‘leave’ go with ‘I’m going to pop out for a while, get a few things then will be back’. That way they know you are returning and shouldn’t be long.


There are lots of fantastic books which tell the story of starting nursery, these are a great way to introduce the subject and demonstrate how the character felt on their first day.

Potty Training

Don’t feel stressed that your child is still in nappies. It is very normal for children to start at nursery or pre-school, and yet to have started potty training. The staff are very used to helping children hone this skill, but it is probably best to have the basics sorted at home first. Also, avoid starting nursery and starting potty training all at the same time. Let your child get used to their new routine and nursery setting before embarking on this journey.


You need to label everything, yes everything! Your child will need multiple changes of clothes – wet play, forest walks, leaking nappies or toilet accidents all involve fresh clothes. The more that is labelled, the more likely you are to get it back. Choose from either stick on, iron-on, or good old-fashioned sewn-on.


Whatever the time of year, it is always worth providing your child with wellies and waterproof clothing. Be mindful of how easy they are to get on and off, especially if they are no longer in nappies and will need to get to the toilet ‘quickly’! Add at least one change of clothes, plus extra socks and pants (if potty trained). Some nurseries require a uniform, some just a sweatshirt, some let you decide. Children love routine, so keeping your ‘own uniform’ might be helpful for them to distinguish home days from nursery days if your child is not required to wear specific uniform. Consider that this uniform might get mud, paint, and a variety of other wonderful activities on it – so think patterned, and more every day than party attire – even if you are being persuaded that sparkly shoes are a real must.

First day

Don’t draw out your ‘goodbyes’. The more hugs and procrastination with coats, bags, and other equipment they have insisted to take with them, will only prolong the panic and make it harder. Try to be matter of fact. It's hard, more so for the parents, but it really is the best way. Your little one will be fine. The staff are experienced, and the smoother the first day drop-off goes, the better days two and three are likely to be.

Sandroyd nursery, The Walled Garden, is open to boys and girls from age 2 offering them their first step into a Sandroyd education. Situated in the original walled garden of the Sandroyd estate, the purpose-built building houses the nursery and pre-prep (reception to year 2) allowing children to join together as well as providing opportunities to be separated for specific learning tasks. Two adjoining rooms are home to the nursery, with an indoor treehouse for quiet time, a whiteboard for learning, and a plethora of games and toys for self-led learning. Outside the playground (both paved and a grass area) has an adventure climbing frame, a mud kitchen, and a bike shed full of tricycles for the children to use. Outside there is the ‘woods’ for forest nursery days, access to the 500 acres of Sandroyd grounds, and use of the Sandroyd Prep School facilities, such as the swimming pool, theatre, dance room, and so much more. If a Sandroyd education sounds like one you would like for your child, please contact our Admissions Registrar for further information on If you are still undecided, why not try one of our wonderful toddler groups, information can be found on our website

Sandroyd School (Coed 2-11) is a day and boarding school in Wiltshire.

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