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Kingswood's Triumphant 34-13 Win Against Blundell's

The Blundell’s Week was always going to be a gruelling challenge. Blundell’s have a strong track-record, producing some great teams.

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19th October 2021 — The team knew that they needed to arrive with an intensity and purpose and losing two influential players in the week to illness, meant that once again the side endured last minute changes. On Saturday morning, they headed to Blundell’s with 16 competitive boys - ready to take on the challenge!

The boys hit the ground running. Kingswood scored first, and immediately reset mentally to go again. The defensive system held strong, allowing for a maverick intercept try, putting Kingswood two tries clear. After another score from Kingswood, Blundell’s scored a try out-wide as their defensive shift tired.

At half-time key objectives were refreshed - connection on defence, and valuing the ball on attack. This transferred superbly to the pitch, where the boys fought hard to place the ball on a platter to achieve lightning-quick ball. Some educated use of kicking, paired with the stellar defensive system, applied pressure on the opposition and lead to the team scoring more fantastic tries. The boys’ energy on defence was robust, and they subdued any attacking efforts the Blundell’s team threw at them.

The journey back home consisted of a team of men who had not let last minute team changes; ill players; nor a long bus trip impact them. They self-organised on the pitch through purposeful conversations; welcomed new players to the team; gave their utmost effort for their friends; and straight after the game, they called their unwell teammates from the changing room so that they could all share the moment together.

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Kingswood School (Coed 1-18) is a day and boarding school in Somerset.

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