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Monmouth trio win top awards in Model United Nations conference

Toby Baysting, Matthew Vaideanu and Thomas Hodkinson impressed at the conference attended by around 200 students from across the UK.

Thomas Hodkinson, Matthew Vaideanu, and Toby Baysting.
Thomas Hodkinson, Matthew Vaideanu, and Toby Baysting.

29th November 2021 — Three students at Haberdashers’ Monmouth Schools have scooped top awards in a national conference in London.

Toby Baysting, 16, Matthew Vaideanu, 16, and Thomas Hodkinson, 15, were recognised individually in the London International Model United Nations (LIMUN): High Schools’ Conference.

Model United Nations, also known as model UN or MUN, is an educational simulation in which students can learn about diplomacy, international relations, and the United Nations.

Toby, representing India, won Best Delegate of the United Nations Security Council where they tried to develop new frameworks for international interventions in conflict zones.

Matthew, representing Switzerland, won Best Delegate in the London Platform for Change where they looked into how disablism leads to societal inequalities.

Thomas, from Year 11, won Most Diplomatic representing Pakistan in the Social Humanitarian and Cultural Committee where they investigated ways of getting affordable technology in education in developing countries.

Ms Kate Bourne, Model United Nations (MUN) co-ordinator, and Mrs Zoe Harvey, Head of English at Monmouth School for Girls, took 17 students to Kings’ College London.

The trip was made possible thanks to £1,500 from the Thomas Arno Fund, a grant from the Haberdashers’ Education Foundation (HEF).

The delegation joined committees such as the United Nations Environment Programme, World Health Organisation, the United Nations Security Council, Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, Social Humanitarian and Cultural Committee, and the London Platform for Change.

Ms Bourne said: "Our students were absolutely fantastic and conducted themselves with great maturity. There were more than 200 participants so were delighted to win three awards.

“This was such a valuable experience for the students, many of whom had participated in the virtual conference last year and the training sessions which LIMUN had provided during the summer.”

Ms Bourne added: “MUN helps our students to develop their diplomatic skills whilst improving speech writing and producing resolutions.

“MUN is also looked on very favourably by universities with many universities having their own MUN societies.”

Haberdashers' Monmouth Schools (Coed 7-18) is a day and boarding school in Wales.

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