Episode 1: What do we mean by 'news'?

In this first episode, Matt explores the meaning of 'news-worthy'. He laments that too often the quality of news from schools is not what it should be – which is all the more frustrating, as schools should be a wonderful source of news.

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Matthew Smith is the Editor of Attain.

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Episode 9: Helping journalists

In this final episode, Matt explores why the key to getting good press coverage is to give journalists what they need – and explains all the things to avoid when writing a story and sending a press release.


Episode 8: What is – and isn't – news

In this penultimate episode, Matt looks at what is – and what isn't – news. Looking back at the hundreds of news stories sent to Attain over the past year, there are a significant proportion of stories which are not, really, news.


Episode 7: Writing a good headline

In this seventh episode, Matt looks at the fourth and final key ingredient of news – the headline. Headline writing is something of an art form but it doesn’t mean you cannot write a good one. Too often it’s left to last and then feels a bit rushed.