Young ornithologists at St Aubyn’s School feed the birds

Year 2 pupils from Eco-Science Club recently took part in the Big Schools’ Birdwatch on the school grounds using a survey from the RSPB.

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21st February 2020 — Teacher Miss Chambers explained, “Firstly, we walked around the school site, including the duck pond, recording the different species and number of birds we identified. We also used binoculars to observe our nesting boxes. Then we collated our data before submitting our findings on the RSPB website. The following week we made bird feeders out of pinecones and a mixture of lard and bird seeds, in order to support our current avian population and, hopefully, to attract some new bird visitors. Finally, we chose some good branches within the wooded area of the school grounds to hang our bird feeders”.

Aryaveer commented, “It was messy but fun making the hanging bird feeders as the lard is so sticky! I hope the birds like them”.

Ibraheem observed, “I’ve seen parakeets flying around in a group before. They look like little green parrots. I think they must have escaped from the zoo. We usually also have geese in the pond but they’ve migrated somewhere warmer. I think they’ve gone to Africa!”

Following the successful bird survey, in February the St Aubyn’s Eco-Committee was delighted to learn that the School had earned the Eco-Schools Silver Award.

The Eco-Committee meets once every half term and has members from every year group in the school who are committed to promoting awareness of local and global environmental issues. The committee is responsible for ensuring that Eco-School topics are embedded in the curriculum and regularly encourage involvement from across the school community.

Recent activity included a successful Switch Off Fortnight campaign to promote reduced electricity consumption and an assembly about the harmful effects of single-use plastics. They are also looking forward to a whole school day of action and litter pick in March.

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