St Columba's College get a visit from the Legal Eagles

The Magistrates in the Community Team visited Prep 6 recently - the boys particularly enjoyed the mock trial!

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26th January 2017 — Prep 6 were lucky enough to have a visit from the Legal Eagles this week – Magistrates in the Community Team. 

The children were very interested to learn about the function of a magistrate and the Criminal Justice System was explained to them – in simple terms!  There was a quiz which included questions such as ‘what age are you responsible for wearing a seatbelt?’ (even some of the teachers didn’t know the answer to this question – the answer is 14!); what is the age of criminal responsibility? (10); what age can you no longer cycle on a pavement? (no age!).

The boys were then given a scenario of an old lady who had her handbag stolen by two teenagers.  They took the money and discarded the handbag.  The contents of her handbag were then distributed amongst the boys (including asthma spray, bank card, PIN number, house keys, disabled parking badge etc) and they were asked to discuss the impact on the victim – this certainly made the boys think.The last part of the session concluded with a mock trial.  All the boys played a role including a defendant, representative from the Crown Prosecution Service and Youth Offending teams, magistrates, witnesses, court usher etc.  The defendant was accused of shoplifting and was pleading not guilty.  The boys loved this interactive session and interestingly all three classes found the defendant guilty!


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