Spratton Hall has a New Headmaster (For the Day)

Pupils and teachers alike supported Year 6 pupil 'Mr' Ben Rissbrook who swapped places with Mr Simon Clarke, the headmaster, for a day this week. The day was a lot in the school's May Ball charity auction which raised over £20,000 for good causes.

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11th June 2019 — Spratton Hall had a new and (very) young contender for the post of Headmaster this week when Year 6 pupil Ben Rissbrook swapped places with current incumbent Simon Clarke. Ben’s parents secured the part-time position for him with a generous bid in the school’s recent charity auction.

As part of his new role Ben greeted pupils as they arrived at school, before making himself at home in the headmaster’s study and launching into his busy schedule. Presenting a school assembly with deputy head Rob Dow, a classroom inspection, lesson observation and guided tour for a Governor followed, culminating in the highlight of the day - taking pride of place in the headmaster’s chair for one version of the school photograph.

Meanwhile Mr Clarke spent a full day as a Year 6 pupil narrowly surviving double English, double maths, double French, music and games.

Spratton Hall (Coed 4-13) is a day school in Northamptonshire.

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