Moreton First Reception Pupils Establish Firm Roots

Firm roots are being established by the Reception children at Moreton First as they mark the start of the Autumn term by planting trees.

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28th October 2019 — The annual ‘Plant a Tree, Grow with Me’ initiative is a very special way to mark the start of the Moreton journey for our youngest pupils. Each child plants a tree and is encouraged to visit it during subsequent years and note its growth. By enhancing the beauty of the playing field in a natural and sustainable way we hope the planting of saplings will highlight our belief in protecting the environment for all future generations.

The initiative, ‘Plant a Tree, Grow with Me’ was introduced by Moreton First Headteacher Catherine Ford. Mrs Ford explained, “The children have loved planting their trees and are now looking forward to seeing them grow over the months and years to come. We hope this will be a long-lasting memory for the young children as they commence their learning journey here at Moreton First.”

The idea for planting the trees stemmed from Moreton First’s strong commitment in protecting the environment through its Forest School and inspired by a handwritten letter received from Sir David Attenborough commending the students on their involvement in protecting the planet.

Mrs Ford, continued, “We hope that through the tree planting not only are we increasing children’s environmental awareness but we hope to provide them with a sense of belonging. The children of Reception will grow and learn, sometimes having to overcome hurdles during their adventure of school life. In the same way their trees will survive some blustery days and cold winds but with firm roots they too will grow to full height and beauty.”

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