Flippin' Fun at Broomwood Hall

Broomwood Hall celebrates Pancake Day with fun relay races flipping pancakes along the way - followed by the treat of more delicious pancakes at lunchtime.

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28th February 2020 — Every year on Shrove Tuesday, Broomwood pupils gather to share the fun of the annual pancake races. Tension is high as pupils get into teams for the relay which involves compulsory flipping along the way.

This year was no exception and children at both the Lower and Upper Schools had some serious flipping-fun. At the Lower School, children in Prep classes incorporated pancake flipping in their PE lesson and the rest of the school raced at break time, which involved lots of cheering. Livingston was the fastest house and the children jumped with joy at their victory.

At the Upper School, the girls run a very competitive race between Houses, performing some impressive flipping along the way. The first place was scooped up by Boudica house. The teachers cheered on, and might already be planning their very own teachers race next year, possibly enticed by Senior Master, Mr Morris’s demonstration before the race.

The pancakes used for the races take several tumbles, so even if the temptation is strong, the children wisely turn down eating these pancakes in favour of the still-intact and warm pancakes served for pudding at lunchtime.

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Broomwood Hall is a iaps school for boys aged 4 to 8 and girls aged 4 to 13.

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