Exeter Junior School celebrates characters they will remember forever

Pupils enjoyed the parade, meeting author Tamsin Cooke, exploring Minecraft Book Realms, guessing their teachers’ favourite books, looking at classroom doors decorated as book covers, choosing books at the book fair, and more!

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9th March 2020 — World Book Day 2020 was set in motion with the prancing of fury paws, a school of rainbow fish and all-round creative costume excellence! Our playground was vibrant with colourful characters from our most treasured books, delving into our memory banks and recalling the many wonderful books we have read. Pupils were delighted to parade their book character costumes on stage, accompanied by much singing, dancing, clapping and hilarity.

The celebrations were introduced eloquently and with enthusiasm, in an assembly which revealed each World Book Day activity a chapter at a time. The librarians played a large role in selecting and organising the activities such as the Minecraft ‘Book Realms’ they designed during Library Club for other pupils to explore in Computer Science lessons throughout the week.

An exciting challenge was assigned to each class, to decorate their door as a book cover, illustrating the wide range of tastes we have in school. Each class decided on a book which would represent their class and the doors were transformed into innovative book covers, donning underpants, crayons and characters galore, attracting the attention of all book lovers.

The whole school were treated to workshops with author Tamsin Cooke. The workshops were interactive and highly entertaining. She shared tips on writing exciting adventure stories, using her ‘Cat Burglar’ and ‘Stunt Double’ series. She talked about her inspiration, research, character and plotting. We delved into the world of spirit animals, cat burglars and thrilling stunts, and even watched footage of a real stunt woman! Librarian Evie Handley L2P said: “I loved my workshop. We literally let our imaginations run wild.”

Our School Library Service Advisor, Nicola Cowling, came to talk to the librarians about the new stock they had selected for the library. Throughout the year, librarians add to a wish list of books and each term we stock up our library with the children’s own book choices. The librarians loved hearing about various poignant and humorous stories and will enjoy passing on their recommendations to pupils visiting the library. Issy Wills (U1R) said: “I love hearing Ms Cowlings extracts from the books. It makes me want to read all of them!” The new books are all available now.

Excitement filled the air at 3.40pm each day when the Book Fair opened. It was very clear that our pupils relished the chance to browse through and purchase new books. L2B particularly enjoyed their pre-view of the book selection and enjoyed choosing a book to advertise, using their persuasive skills and expert opinions of what children love to read.

Being a book loving school, our staff were very happy to share memories about their childhood favourite book. Mr Evans is choosing to share “Woof” by Allan Ahlberg with his class, a thrilling and hilarious story about a boy who accidentally turns into a dog. Mr Evans has happy memories from childhood listening to his Grandpa read him the story and laughing at all the different voices that he would do for the different characters.

We ended our World Book Day celebrations with a ‘suspense’ filled writing session in Comets Club. Using various writing techniques, we created suspense and made our audience feel desperate to know what happened next. Such techniques included short sentences to build up tension, powerful verbs, dark shadows with hidden characters and menacing beasts.

In honour of World Book Day, Art Club recycled old books creating beautiful pieces of Art that represented a book that was meaningful and memorable to them.

Mrs Hardy, Reading Development Coordinator, said: “Books give us so much joy whether old, new, long, short, funny or factual. Exeter Junior School thoroughly enjoyed World Book Day 2020 and may we continue to be a book loving community.”

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