Elstree Team Building

Team building for the start of the academic year, with each year group doing something different.

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25th September 2015 — At the start of term, Elstree had a Team Building morning; each year did something different. Year 3 had to make up a 'new' games that could be played on Yard and Year 4 had a Low Ropes Team Relay Challenge which was to get your team around the course safely and as quickly as possible.

Year 5 went off site to Pangbourne Adventure Dolphin where they were given all sorts of challenges! From having to pour liquid from one bin to another by using only ropes to hold the bin, to being linked together and having to find a way to disconnect yourself from the other person!

Year 6 had the Drainpipe Challenge, on which their mission was to get a tennis ball from the Science Atrium to the top lake using only guttering, and Year 7 did the Great Egg Challenge which was to drop an egg out of Wellington Dorm without breaking it – it can be done! Year 8 spent a great day out at Head for Heights doing high ropes course. Thank you to all those involved for organising such an enjoyable morning.

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Elstree School (Boys 3-13, Girls 3-8) is a day and boarding school in Berkshire.

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