Best Delegate Awards for QG Pupils at MTSMUN

QG delegates shone at The Merchant Taylors' School MUN meeting, winning Best Delegate Awards representing France.

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13th February 2019 — 11 Queen’s Gate girls took part in The Merchant Taylors’ School MUN on Sunday 10 February, representing France and the Dominican Republic. Pupils sat on various committees including the Security Council, Finance, Human Rights, Health, Disarmament, and Environment, competing against more than 170 students from 15 schools.

Topics debated ranged from the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, to the question of water security, the financial inclusion for women and the elimination of medical black markets, to name but a few. The QG delegations played a full part, proposing motions and amendments, making points of information and voting on the resolutions. The girls also took part in a global ‘crisis’ and were asked to respond to a topic that was unknown to them prior to the conference - the girls had to think on their feet and their debating skills were tested, always mindful that the role of the UN is to avoid war.

Congratulations to LVI's Luna and UV's Diane-Sophie who each received the prestigious ‘Best Delegate’ award, both girls dealt exceptionally well with the pressures of representing France and displayed confidence and impressive maturity throughout.

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