Ashville Prep School Pupils “Thrive” on Wellbeing Workshop

A Harrogate prep school has seen its Year 5 and 6 pupils “thrive” thanks to their participation in a unique wellbeing workshop.

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27th February 2018 — The taster session at Ashville Prep School saw the children participate in a fun and interactive session to boost self-esteem, reduce social anxiety and give them greater self-awareness, led by teacher Esther Jones.

The Thrive Programme, of which Mrs Jones is a consultant, is a fun and interactive programme which gives children, teens and adults alike the skills to gain a sense of power and control over their lives. 

Ashville is the first junior school in the country that the organisation has worked with, and the plan is that the boys and girls experience will help shape a full school programme currently being written by Mrs Jones.

Mother of four Mrs Jones said: “The Thrive Programme is all about teaching people to create good mental health, and it was marvellous being able to deliver this session here at Ashville Prep School.” 

“The programme can be used to overcome many different issues, including exam stress, lack of confidence, phobias and anxieties.”

 “It is also highly beneficial for any children or teenagers who are struggling to cope with a new diagnosis or manage a chronic or life limiting condition. It’s about getting people flourishing and enjoying life.” 

Ashville Prep School Headteacher Simon Bailey said: “The wellbeing of pupils is extremely important to us and this session was extremely beneficial to all those Year 5 and 6s who took part.” 

“We are certainly looking forward to her leading more over the coming months, and it’s initiatives like this that help set us apart from other schools in the area.”

About Ashville College

Ashville College is a leading independent school for boys and girls aged 3 to 18 located in in Harrogate, North Yorkshire.

High-quality teaching and facilities make us one of the UK’s leading co-educational independent day and boarding schools, with 840 pupils on average, of whom around 100 are boarders, comprising international, British and UK Forces pupils.

Founded in 1877, Ashville has a proud past, and an even brighter future, yet our ethos and values remain loyal to our Methodist traditions, where each child is known and nurtured within a caring, safe and supportive environment.

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