All Hallows Year 5 ‘go with the flow’ on the River Wye

Eager for adventure, All Hallows Year 5 enjoyed a fun-filled day canoeing down the River Wye, learning about the history of the river and spotting wildlife as they went.

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30th September 2020 — All Hallows Year 5 enjoyed a fun-filled day canoeing down the River Wye, as part of their topic ‘Go with the Flow’.

This much anticipated International Primary Curriculum (IPC) Year 5 trip usually involves an overnight stay. However, determined not to be thwarted by Covid restrictions preventing such residential trips, plans were swiftly put in place to ensure that the children could still enjoy key elements of the trip - the experience of being on the water and learning about its history.

The sun was shining and there was excitement in the air as the children donned their array of colourful facemasks for the journey to Monmouth. Suitably kitted out with lifejackets, helmets and oars, the child took to the canoes and the adventure started. The river Wye was rather low which meant a lot of protruding rocks to navigate as we canoed downstream! Along the way, wildlife such as swans and kingfishers were spotted and some children even reported sighting otters. A highlight of the trip was the rapids, which although rather bumpy, didn’t manage to get the better of us!

We were accompanied by instructors from Monmouth Canoe Centre who helped to point out the wildlife and explained the importance of the river during the Industrial Revolution. They also led the children in a ‘Britain's Got Talent’ style dance and sing-off in the canoes resulting in much laughter.

The trip enabled the children to see for themselves the various features of river systems, giving them a greater understanding of these as well as providing inspiration for them back in the classroom. It was also a great way to bond and develop teamwork skills at the start of the school year.

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