Wellness Week at Broomwood Hall

Broomwood Hall celebrated Wellness Week with a range of initiatives dedicated to inspiring wellness and wellbeing throughout the school - from pupils to parents to staff.

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7th February 2019 — This week everyone at Broomwood Hall celebrated Wellness Week. Our Wellness Week ran alongside Place2Be’s National initiative, Children’s Mental Health Week, during which HRH The Duchess of Cambridge visited schools and spoke to pupils and staff about being healthy: Inside and Out.

The focus of the week has been wellbeing and everyone took part in a range of initiatives dedicated to wellness and mindfulness. The children have been doing extra mindfulness, taking time to read by a vitual roaring fire, immersing themselves in the sounds of what surrounds us, and bonding with kiwi fruit in an effort to find the special and outstanding in what looks ordinary at first glance. One of our school counsellors led a thought-provoking and hilarious whole school assembly on the benefits of positive thinking. We were amazed to hear that the scientific research suggests that we can prolong our lives by eight years and boost our immune systems by adopting a positive mindset. Truly food for thought - and on that topic, children and staff have been receiving advice on how food can boost our mood and improve our lives. The delicious fruit salad on offer for Healthy Eating Wednesday certainly made this point and so did all the other tasty yet healthy dishes that we had access to at lunch and snack time during course of the week. Teachers and staff at Northwood Schools were treated to a free pilates session and mindfulness talk too.

The essence of Wellness Week is integral to life at Broomwood Hall. Good food, laughter, emotional support from our wonderful tutor system and school counsellors, exercise from an extensive sporting provision, freedom of expression in all aspects of the Arts (and the incomparable joy of this year's Abba-themed Interhouse Music Competition on Thursday), lovely surroundings in the buzz of a vibrant city - and more. Children’s mental health is now at the forefront of the media and it has always been at the forefront of our minds. The science behind positive psychology has backed up Broomwood’s ethos of giving all girls reasons to feel good about being who they are.

We hope that everything covered during the week will contribute to the wellbeing of everyone at the school and that it will benefit their families too.

Broomwood Hall Upper (Boys 4-8, Girls 4-13) is a day school in South West London.

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