St Mary's pupil donates her hair to the Little Princess Trust

Imogen Clements, a pupil at St Mary’s Junior School, Cambridge, had her hair cut on Friday 3 July and donated it to the Little Princess Trust in memory of friend Eilish, who sadly died of cancer when she was four and a half years old.

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12th August 2020 — In November 2019, Imogen had decided to grow her hair long, much longer than she had ever had it before, in order to have it cut and donated to the Little Princess Trust, an organisation that provides real hair wigs to children and young people with hair loss.

Imogen said of friend Eilish: “She always wore a hello-kitty bandana to playgroup and told me once that she wanted a wig so she could look like everyone else. A month after we started school together, Eilish died.”

During her treatment she collected beads from the Beads of Courage programme UK at Addenbrooke’s hospital. These beautifully decorated glass beads were given to Eilish each time she had a treatment and the programme supported her and her family throughout.

Imogen commented: “After months of growing my hair, on the last day of the summer term the hairdresser cut 10 inches off my hair! It now feels light and slightly strange without the heavy weight of my hair. My hair will be sent to The Little Princess Trust after the coronavirus pandemic passes, to make a wig for another little princess, like Eilish.”

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