Sibford School Wellbeing Day helps families reconnect

Sibford School recently held its first wellbeing day, providing the chance for pupils to reconnect with family, friends, nature and pets. Through three sessions during the day, staff hosted an exciting range of 33 activities for pupils and families.

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29th March 2021 — Sibford School recently held its first wellbeing day and it was the perfect chance for pupils to reconnect with family, friends, nature and pets and take time away from their screens.

Having asked staff and pupils to work online on for two full lockdowns, Sibford School decided to organise a remote Wellbeing Day before students returned to school to prioritise the wellbeing of the school community: the staff, pupils and parents, who all worked incredibly hard over the past few months.

It was time to inject a little spark of magic into what had become the humdrum daily existence for many.

Through three sessions throughout the day staff hosted an exciting range of 33 activities for pupils and their families from cooking to iPad art, arm knitting to bird watching and even dancing at DJ V's lunchtime disco!

Assistant Head Pastoral, Tracy Knowles said: "The day was genuinely a huge success and it was fantastic seeing lively activity on screens filled with parents and pupils all enjoying themselves together.

"The weather was kind so lots of families were able to engage in our selection of outdoor activities.

"The selection was so huge that it left pupils wanting more and many of them continued into the weekend with the activities they had not completed.

"We have been asked if we can do it every year but hopefully without a further lockdown!"

She continued: "Parents wrote in to tell us that there had been a ‘palpable lift’ in spirits in the home; that they had gelled as a family again and most importantly, that people felt happy for the first time in a not inconsiderable period.

"Despite being trapped in the house for months, families acknowledged that they had not been able to spend good quality family time together doing fun things and the Wellbeing Day helped to facilitate that.

"Many of families spent time present and connected which is not always easy with learning and working on a screen all day long and it helped to send a little bit of our Sibford family spirit into homes."

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