Seeds from Space at Twickenham Prep

This week the year 5 girls at Twickenham Prep had the opportunity to plant seeds that have been to space and back as part of the nationwide Rocket Science project organised by RHS Schools.

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27th April 2016 — As part of the nationwide Rocket Science Project, our Year 5 girls had the opportunity to plant rocket seeds that have been to space and back. The project organised by RHS Schools is in partnership with the UK Space Agency experiment.
Tim Peake, who delivered a message from the International Space Station where he’s been since December, wished the 600,000 young people signed up to the experiment good luck with their investigations into the impact of micro-gravity and space travel on seed germination and growth. The results will help to form a clearer picture of the potential for astronauts to grow their own food to sustain them on long-term missions.

Speaking while 400km above the surface of the Earth, Tim said: “This is a really exciting week for the hundreds of thousands of young people across the country who will begin their Rocket Science experiments. I’d like to wish everyone taking part the best of luck with their investigations and I look forward to seeing some of the results.

Rocket Science will see school pupils across the country spend 35 days analysing the growth and development of two batches of seemingly identical rocket seeds. However, one batch of seeds has spent time in space with Tim on the International Space Station, orbiting the Earth at 17,000mph. The aim of the experiment is to enthuse young people about science and horticulture and provide the European Space Agency with key insights into some of the challenges of growing food in space.

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