Ore shows us all; one person can make a big difference

Year 6 pupil, Oreoluwa has donated her birthday to the charity Afrikids, asking for donations instead of receiving gifts.

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8th October 2019 — Gayhurst School have been supporting the charity Afrikids since it was introduced to the school by one of their parents last year. The school have taken part in various fundraising initiatives in support. The Headmaster at Gayhurst was recently contacted by one of the charity’s Supporter Experience Assistants, Kristin Tadlock, to let the school know about the personal efforts of one of Gayhurst’s pupils, Oreoluwa.

Oreoluwa, known to all as Ore, had recently chosen to donate her birthday to help the Afrikids cause. She had forsaken all of her 10th birthday gifts, kind-heartedly asking instead for charitable donations to Afrikids. Kristin said, “These are qualities that we love seeing in young people and we believe this is a testament to Ore’s family as well as the amazing team of educators at Gayhurst School."

On learning of Ore’s generosity, she was awarded a Headmaster’s Commendation in recognition. She received her award, rather fittingly, during Gayhurst’s Harvest assembly, on Monday 7th October, which lead with the theme of sharing. Gareth Davies, the school’s Headmaster said, “Ore made a great gesture and she is fully deserving of a Headmaster’s Commendation in recognition of this.”

Ore’s amazing gift to Afrikids will go to help children in need to receive an education, gain access to healthcare services and stay protected from harmful infringements on their rights including child marriage. Gayhurst school and Afrikids both feel very proud to have such an incredible and bright young lady raising awareness for this cause.

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