Knighton House School Red Cross Charity day – Reuniting Separated Families

Knighton House School pupils work hard and raise a fantastic £2286 for the Red Cross Charity. The donation is for an appeal that reunites families who have been separated.

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1st December 2017 — A Christmas fundraising appeal for the Red Cross by Knighton House School has raised £1143, which will be match funded by The Big Give to make a total donation of  £2286.  The response has been overwhelming as parents, families, staff and the children themselves gave so generously, all contributing to the fundraising efforts.

As we approach Christmas our thoughts turn to our families and seeing people who we have not seen for a long time. The timing of the Red Cross campaign to repatriate separated refugee families alongside the ‘The Big Give’ was too good an opportunity to miss. It was a chance for us to make a real difference to families who have experienced incredible and unimaginable hardships, people who are resilient in seeking a new life but now need a little help.

Pupils at Knighton House School have been touched by the plight of many families who have been separated by difficult circumstance. The year 7s attended a superb workshop last year on the work of the Red Cross where the girls considered some of the practicalities of supporting displaced peoples. In October our year 5s and 6s saw for themselves the plight of refugees as they travelled back from France seeing the refugee camps and vehicle searches.

To raise money the girls were sponsored for demonstrating the key skills that they have been practising on our learning disposition days during lessons. Skills such as ‘collaborative learning’;  ‘demonstrating resilience’ – bouncing back when things don’t go to plan; ‘getting it wrong’ – having a go and taking a risk  and ‘Communication’ – talking to everyone, waiting your turn to speak, listening carefully and so on.  Points were awarded in all lessons and these were tallied at the end of the day for the girls to collect their sponsor money.

With our donation and knowing that  £300 can reunite a child with their parent and £1,200 can reunite an entire family we are thrilled that as a school we have  been able to help to help several families.


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