Knighton House Prefects 2018 crowdfund for local defibrillator

The aim of the Knighton House Prefects 2018 is to support the local community and save lives by purchasing a defibrillator and housing unit.

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18th May 2018 — As Knighton House Prefects 2018, we wanted to do something that would support the community that surrounds Knighton House School and in some way create a lasting legacy of our final year at Knighton.  In the Autumn term we took part in the British Heart Foundation's ' Restart a Heart' campaign.  The majority of the  Year 8s were trained in CPR,  what to do in an emergency and how to use a defibrillator... we all thought that it was a really valuable skill to learn and was the beginning of this journey.  

After a little research, we realised that there was not a defibrillator locally, and we saw this as an opportunity to do something really good and to give something back locally.  We all got together and decided to write a letter to the Village Hall committee to see if a defibrillator was something that they would agree to being attached externally to the village hall. Thankfully when they came back they said 'yes' and we decided to launch this project. 

In addition to the defibrillator and the housing unit, we also wanted to do something that would ensure that people would know what to do in an emergency and how to use the defibrillator.   We decided that we would also like to purchase the Call Push Rescue training kit.  Future Knighton House prefects will be specially trained to facilitate CPR workshops using this amazing piece of kit.  In addition to facilitating CPR training in school for their peers, Knighton will host open invitation CPR training for the local village community and the village primary school.

“How FANTASTIC will it be when all Knighton House girls and quite possibly the whole community have the knowledge to potentially save lives”.  Rosie H

“It is really AMAZING to think that we could be saving lives in our community”. Ottilie 

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