Homefield Preparatory School sends a message to the future

To celebrate the school's 150th birthday, staff and boys have been choosing items to bury in a Time Capsule to be opened in fifty years’ time. It will provide a snapshot of what life was like in 2020.

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3rd November 2020 — To celebrate Homefield Preparatory School's 150th birthday, staff and boys have been choosing items to bury in a Time Capsule to be opened in fifty years’ time. Mr Powell, a teacher at Homefield, has done a fantastic job of drumming up participation in order to provide the future Homefield community with a snapshot of what life is like in 2020; a year that has been unlike any other.

Amongst the items included are USB drives with videos containing staff and boys' personal messages, a tour of the school, plus footage of the current technology used in classrooms. Boys have responded so enthusiastically to the challenge, eagerly telling future Homefield boys about life at school in 2020 – anything from what their favourite lessons are, predictions for the future, to what jobs they plan to do. Boys plan to come back in 2070 for the big reveal.

Mr Towers, Headmaster, proudly said: "Homefield boys have been brilliant, they are our future. The boys’ excitement has been truly infectious! This historical moment has allowed us all to stop and take time to reflect”.

Boys have selected items or messages to go into the Time Capsule that illustrate something for which they can be grateful. For example, photos of the boys within their designated bubbles show that they are thankful for the support, friendship and strong sense of community shown at school. Some touching poetry and short stories show just how brilliantly they have adapted to life in 2020.

Homefield Prep, as part of their 150th anniversary celebrations, is investing over £7 million to provide the highest quality facilities for their boys now, and for future generations. The Time Capsule will be placed under a glass pane in the floor of the brand new classroom block (due to be opened in November). The next fifty cohorts of Homefield boys will be able to catch a glimpse whenever they walk over the glass and will no doubt wonder what lies within.

Rohan in Year 4 has a simple message to future boys at the school, which sums up perfectly the Homefield ethos: “Work hard and be nice to each other”.

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About Homefield Preparatory School

For decades the school has been renowned for its family atmosphere, small class sizes, and fulfilment of individual potential and academic success. Homefield establishes a safe and happy environment, with a real depth of specialist teaching. Values drive our organisation and that shines through, whether it is the good manners of the boys or the decisions we make over what we teach and how we teach it.

Our well-rounded boys go on to some of the very best senior schools in the country. We cultivate their personal interests and passions; whether they are artistic, linguistic, sporting or social. Our academic success and scholarship rates are exceptional.

In 2020 we had a staggering 27 offers to selective grammar schools and 26 offers to Top 30 London Independent (Sunday Times Parent Power). Our boys also had 33 Independent Boarding/Day offers in Surrey/Berkshire, plus they achieved 100% at Common Entrance (64% A* and A).

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