Decoding Shakespeare Squared

Forty primary school pupils from across Sussex attended maths and english enrichment mornings at a Chichester School.

Capulets v Montagues
Capulets v Montagues

21st February 2020 — Forty primary school pupils from across Sussex attended maths and english enrichment mornings at a Chichester School. Westbourne House School organised the events over two consecutive Saturdays and were delighted to welcome 40 pupils in years 2, 3 and 4 from local primary schools to discover more about maths and english.

The English morning, All About Shakespeare, was designed to spark interest in Shakespeare and introduce children to key plots and famous scenes. The English teachers were helped by three Year 8 pupils, who performed scenes from three different plays Romeo and Juliet, A Midsummer Night's Dream and Macbeth.

The visiting children became Capulets and Montagues, hurling Shakespearian insults at each other and they learnt why these feuding families were never be able to accept the love between Romeo and Juliet. After watching Titania fall in love with Bottom thanks to Puck's love potion, the children designed their own potions full of weird and wonderful ingredients. Finally, the children circled a 'cauldron' and chanted the words from the opening scene from Macbeth.

During the Maths Enrichment morning, the children solved tangram puzzles, the Tower of Hanoi, logical puzzles, learnt number tricks and finished by code breaking using the secret Pig Pen code. The morning aimed to encourage problem-solving and an enjoyment of maths.

Max, one of the children, said: "I have really enjoyed the maths today, especially the code breaking.”

Barbara Langford, Head of Maths and Deputy Head (Academic) at Westbourne House School said: “The two enrichment events were very popular and it was very enjoyable to share our passion for English and Maths with such keen learners from a great cross section of schools in Chichester and beyond."

Afterwards, one of the children's parents wrote to the Westbourne House Maths Department. The parent said: "Many thanks for a fantastic maths enrichment event. My son loved it and was fully engaged in the activities and even made a code for us to ‘crack’ at home. Thank you for the opportunity.”

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Mrs Sutcliffe talks about Shakespeare
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Cracking the code with Maths teacher Mr Allingham

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