Cobham Hall's former Head Girl receives Diana Award

Cobham Hall is thrilled to hear that former Head Girl Stephanie Allen has received The Diana Award. Stephanie, who is now studying for her Masters Degree, is a volunteer judo coach and Child Protection Officer for ‘Adaptive Judo’ in Wales.

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1st July 2020 — There was more than the usual end-of-term excitement at Cobham Hall, with the news that former Head Girl Stephanie Allen has been recognised with The Diana Award. This Award, in memory of Diana, Princess of Wales, is awarded to young people who are selflessly creating and sustaining positive social change.

Born with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis and Scoliosis of the spine, Stephanie hasn’t let anything stop her from excelling in all areas of her volunteering and career path. Stephanie is a volunteer judo coach and Child Protection Officer for ‘Adaptive Judo’ in Wales.

“My time at Cobham Hall 100% helped me become who I am today,” Stephanie explains. “Both the experiences in school and going to the Round Square Conference in Singapore has had an enormous impact on the development of who I am today. I have always volunteered and tried to make a difference, but Cobham opened opportunity and doors for me to be able to expand on this.”

Stephanie is passionate about raising awareness and fundraising for both children in Wales and internationally. Stephanie has increased the self-esteem of the girls she coaches, whilst developing their sense of empathy, showing parents how their children can reach their potential.

She still wants to make an even bigger impact, and is working towards Masters degree in Special Educational Needs and Additional Learning Needs. Cobham Hall is proud of Stephanie’s achievements, and of continuing her education whilst having a huge impact on her community.

About Cobham Hall School

At Cobham Hall, we believe that education should extend beyond the classroom to personal development and global responsibility.  The Curriculum is interwoven with girls encouraged to apply learning from one subject to another, and challenged both inside and outside the classroom.  Through this integrated approach, Cobham Hall aspires to produce young women capable of more than just passing exams; young women who can step into the world with confidence in their abilities, ready to embrace opportunities, and embody Cobham Hall’s motto: ‘There is more in you than you think.’

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