Cobham Hall pupil unites the local community

Cobham Hall pupil Martha took matters upon herself at the start of lockdown to make sure her community stayed united. Creating a newspaper for her neighbours, Martha also got local primary school pupils involved to write articles.

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1st June 2020 — Lockdown proved to be no match for Martha, a Year 7 pupil at Cobham Hall, who was determined to keep her community updated. She developed and edited a newspaper to share with her mostly elderly neighbours and encouraged local primary children to help with writing articles.

“I wanted to help my neighbours feel a sense of community, and know they hadn’t been forgotten,” Martha explained. “I thought asking primary school children to help might mean they don’t get too bored.”

Packed full of puzzles and interesting articles, the weekly newspaper was well received by residents as a way of keeping a sense of community. But Martha didn’t stop there, covering a walkway with the adopted symbol of lockdown – a rainbow. Threading yarn between her garden fence and a neighbour’s the rainbow-coloured walkway puts a smile on the faces of those who walk beneath it.

Martha is producing the newspaper whilst still taking part in lessons remotely. Cobham Hall has been continuing lessons online whilst also offering a co-curricular programme too.

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At Cobham Hall, we believe that education should extend beyond the classroom to personal development and global responsibility.  The Curriculum is interwoven with girls encouraged to apply learning from one subject to another, and challenged both inside and outside the classroom.  Through this integrated approach, Cobham Hall aspires to produce young women capable of more than just passing exams; young women who can step into the world with confidence in their abilities, ready to embrace opportunities, and embody Cobham Hall’s motto: ‘There is more in you than you think.’

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