Chinthurst children celebrate International Women's Day 2020

Chinthurst dedicated a whole week to celebrating inspirational women and girls, including those within their own community, in recognition of the importance of International Women's Day 2020.

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17th March 2020 — International Women's Day celebrates women's achievements, raises awareness of bias and helps to forge a gender equal world. To mark the 2020 event, Chinthurst dedicated a week to celebrating prominent female role models and to finding out more about the inspirational women who are part of everyday life at the school.

To launch the initiative, the whole of Year 6 visited Epsom Downs Racecourse to learn about Emily Davison, the suffragette who sadly died in 1913 after stepping in front of the King's horse whilst trying to promote women's rights.

As the week progressed, every girl from Year 3 to 6 chose a woman they admired (anyone from their Mums and Grannies through to JK Rowling and the Queen) and thought about why these women were inspirational. Their choices were shared with the community in a short film.

Some Chinthurst girls excel at sports that are traditionally male dominated, such as rugby and cricket, and they discussed their experiences of playing alongside the boys and how much they enjoy it. Other girls have shown exceptional artistic and acting talent both inside and out of school and this was celebrated too.

Female teachers were interviewed about their path to teaching and the careers they have had along the way. Their stories, which were so interesting and diverse, were shared with the whole school community in a bumper weekly newsletter that celebrated everything that is wonderful about women and girls today.

Headteacher, Cathy Trundle said 'Our girls are so lucky to have such accomplished role models to inspire them within the school community and outside of it. However, it is often the children themselves that inspire me and my fellow teachers. Their confidence to use their voices to speak up for what they believe is right, at such a young age, is remarkable and makes me very proud'

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