Bede’s Pupil Helps the Homeless

Whilst many of us were busy in the run-up to Christmas with parties and buying gifts for our families and friends, Lower Fifth Bede’s pupil Anoushka Beardshaw turned her attention to fundraising and collecting donations for the homeless.

Bede’s pupil Anoushka Beardshaw at The Clocktower Sanctuary, Brighton
Bede’s pupil Anoushka Beardshaw at The Clocktower Sanctuary, Brighton

5th February 2020 — The donations from the whole school community included money, which was given directly to the charity Crisis at Christmas, as well as food, sleeping bags, toiletries and warm clothes.

Donations were shared between two Sussex-based charities; Warming Up the Homeless, which supports homeless people in Eastbourne and Hastings with meals, hot drinks and changes of clothes, and The Clock Tower Sanctuary, a drop-in centre for young homeless people in Brighton and Hove.

Anoushka explained, “People gave so generously that I had three trolley loads of items to give to the charities. They were quite surprised when I kept on coming back with more! I was overwhelmed by the support I received from the whole school. The donation we made to Warming Up the Homeless was the single biggest donation they had ever received. It really felt like everyone wanted to do their bit and when I visited the charities I could really see how our donations had made a real difference.

“I am proud to have done something to make a few people's lives just a little bit better and would like to thank everyone who got behind the campaign."

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