Royal Schools of Music Diploma for Ryde School Pupil

Ryde School Year 10 pupil Thomas recently passed his ABRSM Diploma on the piano with Distinction. This is a great achievement for someone so young, and means that Thomas can now add DipABRSM after his name.

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15th February 2019 — Thomas, who has perfect pitch, started playing the piano when he was four years old, and in 2016 he started in the Junior Academy at the Royal Academy of Music. He travels to London every weekend to participate in individual lessons, a variety of performance opportunities, and specialist classes including composition, conducting and chamber music. Thomas enjoys playing in a piano quintet, and has also played piano duos which give him the opportunity to learn a lot from other instrumentalists.

Thomas has a rigorous piano practice routine of five hours per day on school days, and as much time as he can spend at the weekends in addition to Junior Academy. He also plays the trombone which he plays in School orchestras and groups. On the piano he most enjoys playing deep romantic music that has a lot of passion and emotion such as Rachmaninoff and Chopin, and he loves playing virtuosic music like Liszt.

When asked about his greatest musical moment to date, Thomas answered that it was playing his own acoustic piano for the first time; he was able to purchase the instrument having won the Richard Toeman Memorial Award for Young Pianists. He is also proud to be able to raise money for Cancer Research UK with piano concerts.

Thomas's aspiration for the future is to become a concert pianist, and he hopes to be able to dispel the idea that classical music is serious or elitist.

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