Pupils at St Peter's School York design their own face masks

Pupils have been designing and making their own face masks thanks to ‘Makerspace’, the latest addition to the St Peter's School York co-curricular programme. 

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23rd November 2020 — Pupils have been designing and making their own face masks thanks to ‘Makerspace’, the latest addition to the St Peter's School York co-curricular programme.

Makerspace was launched earlier this term by the Design and Technology Department to give creative pupils and staff a place to gather to work on projects and share ideas, equipment and knowledge.

The co-curricular club is open to all year group bubbles and the aim is to make Design and Technology accessible to all. Staff and pupils attending the club can pick up new skills, work with exciting materials and components, and meet with like-minded, creative and inquisitive people, while following social distancing guidelines.

Sessions take place in year groups on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school and the most popular session so far has been mask-making, with pupils and staff making choosing unique and innovative designs to create their own face masks.

Other projects have included 3D teaching aids for Mathematics and bird-box making in collaboration with the School’s Eco Club. Future projects include laser cut Christmas Decorations, Jesmonite casting, 3D Printing and embossed leather bookmarks, and wearable electronics.

Makerspace is one of 80 co-curricular opportunities available to pupils at St Peter’s and since September over 140 co-curricular activities have been taking place at the School each week.

Mrs Danielle Staniforth, Head of Design and Technology, said: “The World Economic Forum lists problem solving, active learning, creativity, and initiative as some of the Top 10 skills employers will be looking for in 2025. Makerspace enables pupils to develop these skills, in addition to our already extensive co-curricular programme at St Peter’s.”

Mr Jeremy Walker, Head Master of St Peter’s School, said: “Makerspace is a fantastic initiative and I look forward to following the progress of our pupils as they hone their design skills. It is an excellent addition to our huge co-curricular programme which gives opportunities for pupils to develop new interests and equips them with the skills they need to stand out in a fast-changing world and lead happy, successful and fulfilled lives after school. By creating their own face masks, our pupils have used their Design and Technology skills to address real-world problems.”

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