iART Success for St Michael's Prep pupil

Congratulations to Year 4 pupil, E Schwark, from St Michael's Prep School, Otford who has won first prize in the IAPS iART 2019 competition.

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24th May 2019 — Her painting was created using inks. She told us “What I love about art is that you can use your imagination. What I liked about the fish painting was using the inks and being able to create an imaginary underwater scene. I found it interesting to experiment with 3-D effects like the way the tentacles seem to go into the jellyfish. I liked using starbursts in my background and in my fish. Starbursts are when the colour in the inks explodes into another colour. I love all forms of art and enjoy making art at home and at school.”

Art teacher, Mrs Barratt, said ”E Schwark has been a star pupil, producing work of a very high standard and is always fully engaged in every project. She’s a talented child!”

Head of Art, Mr Patrick added “I am delighted to say that this is the first time we have entered a student in an IAPS Art competition and I am thrilled that our pupil has done so well, hopefully this will be the first of many for St Michael’s Prep. E Schwark is a great student with a very artistic eye and I’m sure she will have a great deal of success in the future.”

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St Michael's Prep School (Coed 2-13) is a day school in Kent.

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