Chichester School Was Alive With The Sound of Music

A Chichester school was alive with the sound of music this week, as its annual Music Competition took place.

Ensembles competed for their houses
Ensembles competed for their houses

14th February 2020 — Nearly 200 pupils at Westbourne House School took part, all of whom learn at least one instrument. Playing instruments ranging from the tuba to the recorder, they were grouped into tiered classes where they competed to win points for their houses. This was followed by an evening event which saw the whole school come together for an inter-house singing competition.

During the day Alex Mason, Director of Music at Lancing College, was the competition adjudicator. In the evening, Manchester-based pianist and composer Adam Swayne judged the ensembles and the choirs.

Westbourne House's Director of Music Alex Dichmont said: “It is enormously rewarding to watch the children as they perform in front of their peers and families. Some really enjoy the whole experience of performing, and for some it takes them out of their comfort zone, but it is a huge confidence builder for all who take part”.

Headmaster Martin Barker said: “I am so proud of all the children. It is wonderful to hear and see so much music in one day, watching the children work together for their patrols (houses).”

“We had 12 hours of music - 254 individual performances in 33 different classes, and 12 different ensembles involving 60 pupils. Our dedicated and enthusiastic students have learnt that having the courage to play an instrument or sing in front of an audience is an incredible experience, and just getting up to do it gives them an enormous sense of achievement. Congratulations to our music department who made this a day to remember for us all.”

One new pupil taking part in the Beginners Piano class (Years 3 and 4) added: “It was the most nerve-racking thing I have ever done, but I loved it all.”

The school, which hopes to extend its facilities for the performing arts in the coming months, is known for its high standard of music and drama. The school’s Chapel Choir will tour Rome at Easter, and plans are in place for a production of Oliver! in July.

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The Independent Schools Inspectorate report (2015) found the quality of the pupils' achievements, personal development and school leadership to be 'excellent'. 

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