Stroud School: All Together Again

Stroud are very excited to re-open our school to all pupils this Autumn Term 2020 under the leadership of new headmistress Mrs Smith.

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11th September 2020 — Stroud School are very excited to re-open to all pupils this Autumn Term 2020 under the leadership of new headmistress Mrs Smith. The school has fully reopened in accordance with Government guidance and to that end there has been an enormous amount of planning and preparation behind the scenes over the summer. This protocol is subject to change, should the guidance change, and the planning remains fluid and dynamic to allow the school to be agile and adjust to the ongoing situation as it develops.

Stroud reopened to all pupils at the end of the summer term 2020 following guidance which, at the time, allowed for children to return to school in bubbles of 15. During this time the remote learning programme continued for all children irrespective of whether they had returned to school or not. Remote learning is still in place if the school needs to close again.

The school believes that it is in the children’s best interest to start the new academic year the way it intends to go on, with normal teacher led classes in bubbles. Despite restrictions on pupil movement between classrooms, its September plan signifies an important step towards a school day that will feel much more normal for their children.

The school remains committed to Health and Safety and has implemented enhanced measures to ensure the health and safety of all pupils, staff, parents and essential visitors. The school will continue to assess the risks associated with COVID-19 and put in place proportionate control measures.

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About Stroud School, King Edward VI Preparatory School

Stroud is a true preparatory school. When you visit us, expect to see pupils who are happy, respectful and honest. These three fundamental attributes ensure that our leavers are fully prepared to move on to the next stage of their education and the start of their young adult lives.

Our provision for education, within 20 acres of rural Hampshire, allows for exploration and the development of a love of learning. Crucially, this is carefully balanced across a wider curriculum that provides not only academic rigour and focus, but also the sort of opportunities and experiences that remain with our pupils for the rest of their lives.

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