Knighton House School : A new bespoke curriculum fit for the modern world

From September 2018 Knighton House is introducing a new curriculum which will combine academic and skills based teaching to better prepare pupils for senior school and beyond.

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6th June 2018 — Knighton House School is delighted to announce the introduction of a new and bespoke curriculum from September 2018 onwards, the KED (Knowledge Enlightenment Discovery) Curriculum.

We have consulted widely with senior schools and listened to them carefully on their requirements at entry. We also have examined several new, modern syllabi that develop deeper skills of analysis and encourage better development of critical thinking and problem solving. Rather than opting for an off-the-shelf curriculum we are introducing a new bespoke curriculum, beginning in September 2018. 

We have received overwhelming support for the plans from senior schools. The move to pre-testing pupils and the girls obtaining their desired places at the start of Year 7 has created an opportunity to reimagine our curriculum across the final two years away from the traditional Common Entrance exam taken at the end of Year 8.

Moving away from the somewhat rigid Common Entrance curriculum and testing regime will help us create a better balance between factual knowledge and the development of real, transferable skills. We believe this will lay still stronger foundations for successful future study, examination performance and later life. Our new KED curriculum will be intellectually sound in content and methodology and include more stretch and challenge for each pupil. The aim is to increase pupil engagement while embedding positive learning dispositions, intrinsic motivation and a life-long love of learning. 

We are very conscious of the need to seed and develop the skills necessary for a changing world. We will be developing pupil’s thinking skills and promoting problem solving and meaningful learning — rather than the short-term retention of certain sets of more or less arbitrary facts. We’ll continue to prepare pupils for academic and other scholarships with the same thoroughness as now. Indeed it is our belief that scholars will benefit from our increased focus on transferable skills and the development of critical thinking.

The governors, staff and the Head are all committed to ensuring all the Knighton girls experience a state-of-the-art, enlightened, inspiring and modern curriculum fit for the Twenty First Century. For teachers this is a unique opportunity to develop new teaching and learning ideas. For Knighton girls this change will ensure that every leaver goes on from Knighton intellectually confident: ready and able to meet the challenges of senior school and the world beyond.

About Knighton House

Knighton House is an Independent school for girls aged 3 to 13 and boys aged 3 to 7. The school is set in the heart of Dorset and is renowned for being an exceptionally happy school. In the recent ISI Inspection report many areas of school life received the assessment of "excellent" or "outstanding" and it was noted that "The pupils participate in lessons with enthusiasm". Parents give "unstinted praise" to all aspects of the school.

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