Taste and smells of Amazon rainforest brought to life in Monmouth

Dave Shaw, from the Rainforest Roadshow, brought along a praying mantis, a red leg tarantula and a giant millipede.

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5th December 2019 — Exotic insects and dried Snake Fruit from the Amazon helped highlight the issues facing tribes in a thought-provoking rainforest exhibition at Monmouth School for Girls.

Rainforest Roadshow's Dave Shaw brought along a praying mantis, a red leg tarantula and a giant millipede for Year 8 geographers to hold.

Pupils also sampled tastes of the rainforest, including a guanábana drink, dried Snake Fruit and the infamous sweet-tasting Durian Fruit which is liked by orangutans and has a distinctive smell of onion, garlic and sulphur.

Head of Geography, Mr Nick Meek, said: “The aim of the day is to enable pupils to gain a greater understanding of this fascinating and endangered ecosystem.

“Dave has been a regular visitor to Monmouth School for Girls since 2008.

"His experiences, stories, photographs, insects, rainforest foods and tribal art add that extra dimension which enables pupils to fully appreciate these amazing ecosystems and the lives of its indigenous people.”

During the day, Mr Shaw spoke at length about current issues facing rainforests, including forest fires in the Amazon and the impacts of palm oil plantations and new dam projects.

He encouraged pupils to research current issues and to voice their views and opinions through online petitions.

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