St Mary's Calne identical twins celebrate superb GCSE results

23 Aug 2019 | St Mary's Calne |
23 Aug 2019 |
St Mary's Calne

Identical twins at St Mary's Calne, Kunmi and Yimika Adesola, are among those who are celebrating their outstanding GCSE results.

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Twins Kunmi (L) and Yimika Adesola

Congratulations to the St Mary’s Calne girls on an outstanding set of GCSE and IGCSE Level results, with a remarkable 39% of the results graded 9, 63% 9-8 and 82% 9-7 (equivalent to A*-A).

Among those celebrating are identical twins, Kunmi and Yimika Adesola, who gained thirteen grade 9s, five grade 8s and two grade 7s between them.

‘I am absolutely ecstatic about achieving such grades...when I opened my results I couldn’t believe it! It’s just so surreal to me.' - Yimika

‘I was so pleased to see my results, even though I was shocked...I can’t even explain how happy I am about my grades!' - Kunmi

Special mention goes to Foundation Award Scholar, Agnes Arnold, and Charlotte Slater, who both achieved a clean sweep of eleven grade 9s. In 2018, an article in Research Matters (a Cambridge Assessment publication) predicted that, of pupils taking ten GCSEs, only between 100-600 candidates in the UK would achieve straight 9s. In the same article it also stated that ‘one thing is clear: achieving grade 9 in any GCSE subject is hard’ so Agnes and Charlotte should feel very proud of this fantastic achievement.

Among the other outstanding results, a further five girls: Clemency Fisher, Susannah Hirst, Matilda Knight, Sabrina Kwok and Annabel Pedgley, were awarded ten 9s and one 8.

About St Mary's Calne

St Mary's Calne is a boarding and day school of around 360 girls aged 11–18. Approximately 80% of the girls board and it is a rich boarding life with all girls taking part in the full-curriculum and extracurricular activities.  It is the individualised approach to every aspect of school life that makes St Mary’s Calne special. 

All girls go on to higher education, and a lecture programme, debating, careers advice and much more prepare the girls for university and beyond.


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