RGSW presents at the #EveryoneCanCode Summit

RGSW represented by Matt Warne, Head of Computing and IT at RGS The Grange, shared our digital journey and learnings at the #EveryoneCanCode Summit in South Africa

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23rd March 2020 — The RGS Worcester Family of Schools has embraced technology for teaching and learning and innovative local teacher, Matt Warne, has been demonstrating the benefits to other schools. Matt is an Edtech50 leader as well as being Head of Computing and IT at RGS The Grange.

This March, Matt presented at the #EveryoneCanCode Summit in Johannesburg, South Africa. The Summit is designed to bring together educators from around the world for a day of unique learning experiences with international leaders in technology to explore the tools they need to inspire students of all levels to create and innovate.

Matt’s ‘Everyone Can Code’ presentation started by sharing his story, from someone who had never coded to becoming a CAS Master teacher in Computing. Some of the key points during his talk were how to motivate children to engage with technology and how to explore all aspects of technology including robotics. He demonstrated how to help children grow and learn inside and outside the classroom with methods such as creating special coding clubs. RGS The Grange's ‘Girls Can Code’ Club has inspired many girls to see their potential within the digital landscape. The most important focus of the presentation was how to guide students to become global, digital citizens.

Matt also presented to the conference about ‘How to Build a Network within the Community’ and led three workshops about ‘Pedagogy in the Classroom’, ‘Robotics with Science’ and a 'Scratch Masterclass’. Afterwards, he flew to ParkLands Academy, an Apple Distinguished School, to present the RGS Coding Curriculum and how to implement iPads into Physical Education, an ongoing success story at RGS The Grange.

“To be asked to present at an international conference has been an absolute honour and without a doubt the highlight of my career,” Matt said, “I shared my passion for Computer Science with over 150 delegates from South Africa and learnt so much about the incredible country and educators who are drivers of change. Since working at RGS I have received nothing but support and encouragement to give something back to the community and to be able to do this at a global summit was an experience I shall never forget.”

We are immensely proud of his representation of RGSW and the importance of sharing our digital journey and learning with other schools, educators and industry leaders on an international stage.

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