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The RGS Family of Schools 'Digital Leaders' went to the Betts Show 2020 to participate in Interactive Digital Tasks giving the Pupils a flavour of the future of Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality

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11th February 2020 — The BETT Show 2020 was bigger than ever this year with over 800 leading companies, 103 exciting new EdTech startups and over 34,000 attendees. People from over 146 countries in the global education community came together to celebrate, find inspiration and discuss the future of education, as well as seeing how technology and innovation enable educators and pupils to thrive. Set in the ExCeL Centre in London’s regenerated Docklands we attended what is considered to be the World’s Largest Educational Technology Show. What better stage for the RGS family of Schools to make their ‘EdTech’ presence felt.

Seven members of staff from RGS The Grange, RGS Springfield, RGS Dodderhill and RGS Worcester along with twenty pupils who are ‘Digital Leaders’ from all four schools attended the show. The pupils were put into mixed groups and given ten interactive digital tasks using iPads and Apple Pencils. The groups' assignments ranged from grabbing a selfie with a robot to discussing and documenting the possibilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI) outlined by an AI expert. Some pupils were lucky enough to visit Apple’s ‘Pop Up Classroom’ to explore the incredible potential of Augmented Reality in education. These experiences allowed them to develop new skills and increase their knowledge base and understand how to work in different environments and with new team members, teaching them to be confident and adaptable.

Daisy, a Digital Leader from Year Six at RGS The Grange, stated: “It was so cool to see new technology, such as Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality, at the BETT Show. We already use iPads and robots at school and I cannot wait to see more exciting innovations in our classroom.”

Mr Jones (Director of Innovation) and Mr Warne (Head of Computing and IT at RGS The Grange) were asked to join a panel of leaders on the Albion stage for two consecutive days. They presented how RGS Worcester has successfully managed to adopt and integrate Digital Learning into school culture; ultimately becoming one of only 32 Apple Distinguished Schools in England and the only school in the Worcestershire area.

In addition, Mr Warne joined the Sphero stand, sharing his expert knowledge of these superb educational products. RGS Worcester was featured on Trilby TV screens and marketing communications along with pamphlets created by Albion; recognition of our growing reputation as a global hub of educational innovation.

BETT 2020 will live long in the memories of all those who attended. Each Digital Leader was a credit to the School and learnt a huge amount about the incredible opportunities digital technology affords. Moreover, we learnt the power of possibility when the four RGS Worcester schools join forces and work together. These are exciting times as we continue to be at the forefront of Digital Learning and prepare our students for the future.

Mr Webster – Head of Computing and IT at RGS Worcester says, “The BETT Show 2020 was fantastic. It was great to take students from all four RGS Schools and show them the possibilities afforded by Digital Technology in the classroom. It also reminded us how advanced our current set-up is at RGS Worcester as we already have in place many of the innovations on show. As a forward thinking school we were pleased to discover some fantastic innovations that could soon be making a real difference to teaching and learning here at RGS Worcester”

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