History students hear first hand about surviving the horrors of the Holocaust

Dr Martin Stern visited a small school in Northamptonshire to talk to History students about surviving Nazi Concentration camps. The students from Pitsford School took part in a one-off lecture as part of Radio 4's 'World at One'.

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25th February 2020 — Following an interview with Sarah Montague and Dr Martin Stern on Radio 4’s World at One programme in January, one of the teachers at Pitsford School was so moved by his talk, that he felt compelled to contact the team behind it.

For those who may not have heard it, Dr Stern talked about what it was like to live through and survive Nazi occupied Amsterdam and concentration camps as a child. The resulting conversation between the school and Radio 4 saw the team coming to Pitsford School to record a follow-up programme on Friday 28th February.

Dr Stern spoke at length with the GCSE and A level History students about his experiences and how they affected his view of the world and humanity. In an additional question and answer session, Dr Stern and Sarah Montague further explored the psychology behind why humans were able to commit such atrocities and whether we have actually learned anything from these acts.

This was an amazing opportunity for our students to engage on a personal level with someone who has seen the worst and the best in humanity, lived through unimaginable hardship and suffering with strength and compassion. The number of people who experienced this period in history are sadly growing smaller by the year and so for our History students to get the chance to talk directly to someone from that era is truly special.

We are thrilled that a simple comment on social media has led to opening up such a wonderful opportunity for the students, and that such a powerful story can be told in our small school in Northamptonshire.

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