Headmaster praises pupils for their hard work and resilience in unsettling times

• 96.4% 9-4 pass rate (A*-C equivalent) • 45.4% 9-7 pass rate (A*-A equivalent) • 41 pupils achieved at least six 9 to 7 grades • 16 pupils achieved at least 9 to 7 in every subject

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20th August 2020 — The Royal Hospital School is pleased to announce a 96.4% 9-4 pass rate in this year’s GCSE results based on Centre Assessed Grades and a year on year improvement for the School. In addition, there was a 45.4% pass rate for 9 to 7 grades (the equivalent of the old A*/A grades), 41 pupils achieved at least six 9-7 grades and 16 pupils were awarded a 9 to 7 in every subject studied.

Catherine Stevens, Deputy Head (Academic), said “We had high expectations for this year’s cohort based on their accomplishments over the past two years and their continued hard work right up until the day that it was announced that examinations would not take place. The Centre Assessed Grades they have been awarded are an honest and rigorous assessment of individual performance and I would like to congratulate the whole year group on a set of results that they should be proud of, despite all the uncertainty in the run up to today.”

In a personal message to the Year 11 of 20219/20, Headmaster, Simon Lockyer, said “I am enormously very proud of you all. The last six months has been extremely unsettling, and you have shown resilience, determination, and strength of character. Uncertainty generates anxiety and I am sad that many of you will have felt this as such an important time in your school careers. It is now time to look forward. Every one of you who has worked hard, remained focused and risen to the challenges presented, should be pleased with what you have accomplished and I look forward to welcoming the majority of you back for Sixth Form at RHS. Those not returning, I wish you the very best in the next stage of your education and please do keep in touch”.

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Simon Lockyer, Headmaster

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