Head’s tribute as GCSE results published

Farnborough Hill Head, Mrs Alexandra Neil, has praised her girls’ fortitude with the publication of GCSE grades today.

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20th August 2020 — Farnborough Hill Head, Mrs Alexandra Neil, has praised her girls’ fortitude with the publication of GCSE grades today.

It has been an unsettling time for pupils around the country, as government systems awarding A level and GCSE grades in place of 2020 examinations changed almost overnight, with the decision made on Monday to base results on Centre Assessment Grades rather than relying on centrally-moderated algorithms.

Alexandra Neil said: ‘Pupils have had their futures plunged into uncertainty since the beginning of lockdown and, with no clarity from the government, they could have easily given up. What our girls did, however, was demonstrate great maturity, looked to the bigger picture and continued working towards their futures.’

Collectively, the girls are to be commended for their outstanding work ethic. They remained committed to their studies right until study leave was due to begin (despite the early cancellation of the examinations). They demonstrated their passion for learning and commitment to their futures by engaging in their studies throughout.

On an individual level, Alexandra earned nine grade 9s, Frances and Renee nine 9s and one 8, and Charlotte and Lyla eight 9s and two 8s. Isabella and Amélie each studied 11 subjects and are celebrating nine 9s and two 8s, and five 9s and six 8s respectively.

‘The results awarded are excellent, and I feel it is important to remember that the girls did earn these results, which were based on work completed over the course of their studies, school examinations and assessments and are the outcome of a robust internal process,’ continued Alexandra Neil.

‘We must not dismiss their achievements, instead we must continue to celebrate and support our girls and those in the wider community as they move to A level study and beyond.’

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