Freemen’s A Level students celebrate results after exam reforms

Students at City of London Freemen’s School in Ashtead are celebrating impressive A level results, despite the challenge of the exams changing to the new linear format.

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16th August 201888% of grades achieved were A* - B grades (-1% on last year, +4% on 2016)
63% of grades achieved were A* / A grades (-2% on last year, + 7% on 2016)
25% of all grades achieved were A* grades (-6% on last year, +3% on 2016)
98% of grades achieved were A*-C grades (+2% on last year)

Students at City of London Freemen’s School in Ashtead are celebrating impressive A level results, despite the challenge of the exams changing to the new linear format.  88% of all grades achieved were A*-B, which represents just a 1% drop on last year and 4% increase on 2016. 63% of grades achieved were A* or A grades, while 1 in four grades achieved were A*.

“This is the first cohort at Freemen’s and nationally to be set the challenge of linear A Levels since Curriculum 2000 was introduced, a significant challenge both for students and teachers across the country,” said Headmaster Roland Martin. “Important to mention too that teachers across the country have been coping with significant change at A Level and at GCSE these last two years and I should like to commend colleagues here at Freemen’s and professionals nationally for the dedication that they have shown during difficult times for teachers”.

Last year’s cohort broke all records for the School in terms of A Level results and it is much to this year’s group’s credit that they have taken inspiration from those successes and pushed themselves to achieve such strong results. We should like to congratulate our students here not only on their impressive A level results, but also for the difference their contributions have made to sport, music and drama, as well as to the local community, while striving for this academic success: this is all part of the relevant education that we aim to provide at Freemen’s of which, of course, examination outcomes only play a part. It is inspiring to see what a group of well-rounded young people, extraordinary teachers, a very strong Sixth Form leadership team and collaborative parents can achieve when they work so closely together.     

We know that those students now leaving Freemen’s will not just take with them some great memories of their time with us. They will also feel more prepared and confident for the challenges that life may throw at them. We wish them every success for their futures.”

Roger Chadwick OBE, Chairman of the Board of Governors of the City of London Freemen's School, commented, “Congratulations to all the students for achieving excellent A-Level results. We know that a lot of hard work goes into preparing for these examinations and the students, staff and parents should be very proud. I am delighted that in a year when the School has benefitted from a successful Inspection outcome that staff at the School have managed to maintain such high academic standards.

The City of London Corporation is committed to providing access to world-class education and learning opportunities.

I hope the leavers – who I enjoyed meeting for a final time on Leavers’ Day - will be able to make the most of the experience that they have had during their time at Freemen’s and use it in the career path of their choice. I hope too that they will stay in touch with this special School.”

This is also the first cohort to leave Freemen’s following the introduction of its new Free Minds curriculum for the Sixth Form which offers students a broader experience of learning.

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