Early Years Girls go Interstellar. WOW!

The second half of the term began with a very exciting day for our Early Years girls as they prepared to go into SPACE!

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7th November 2019 — This was our first WOW! morning of the year – a wonderful way to bring all the Early Years girls together, from day-care to reception, to learn through a topic-based approach. As it was a special WOW! day, the girls came to school dressed for their space adventure. We had astronauts, stars, rockets, planets, and there was even a Katherine Johnson. When everyone had assembled, we pressed the launch button and set the sat nav for outer space!

The morning progressed with a series of space-themed activities that got the girls’ creative juices flowing, helped teach them about planets and the solar system, and improved their dexterity, motor skills and team-work skills.

‘Star’ bracelet making proved to be an extremely popular activity and the threading certainly developed the girls’ fine motor skills. A creative collage to make four different planets allowed the girls to use their collaborative skills, whilst also learning about sorting colours. Junk modelling was the next activity and the girls were keen to make choices about which box, bottle or piece of paper they wanted to use for their models. There were also some sheets where the girls could design their own alien or rocket ship using their wonderful imaginations. A physical game was also very popular where the girls had to try to throw some asteroids into coloured hoops!

Sadly, the morning had to come to a close, and it did so with a reading of the popular story ‘Whatever Next’ where the main character wants to go to the moon.

It was certainly a WOW! morning for all who were involved. We had a blast!

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