Collaboration Claims the Top Prize

Four Gayhurst Pupils emerged victorious from The National Years 5 and 6 Science Quiz area heats this week.

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21st November 2018 — Four Gayhurst Pupils emerged victorious from The National Years 5 and 6 Science Quiz area heats this week, which were held at Chesham Prep School. Quiz Club boasts that 400,000 Key Stage 2 children take part in this competition each year so Gayhurst were keen to send their most talented young scientists.

During their recent STEM week, Gayhurst held a preliminary quiz, the results of which helped Head of Science, Mrs Sally Inshaw, choose her team members. The final line-up of ‘Team Gayhurst’ was, Aidan and Jocelyn from Year 6 and Ewan and Annabelle from Year 5.

Chesham Prep’s sports hall was the venue set aside to host the nine schools taking part and Team Gayhurst, feeling a few pre-quiz nerves, took their places around their designated quizzing table. As the competition got underway the girls and boys released they were dealing with some fairly tricky questions but they relied on good teamwork, consulted with each other, and produced thought out, collaborative answers.

All answers are given via a wireless handset and are projected onto a giant screen in real time. This added tension and excitement and as the afternoon progressed Team Gayhurst edged their way into the lead. Agonisingly, by the half way point, the Gayhurst Pupils were neck and neck with another school. The fearsome four dug in and kept to their unruffled consulting which had served them well so far. Their level headed approach saw their score rocket to a total of 1860 points to make them victors of the nine teams in the competition.

The team returned to Gayhurst with their trophy and also the exciting knowledge that they were now, comfortably moving on to the next stage of the competition. Mrs Inshaw, Gayhurst’s Head of Science said, “All four of the children showed great maturity in the way that they approached the quiz. Their teamwork skills came shining through. We are very proud of them and the way in which they represented the school”.

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