Boys achieve ‘top 100’ rankings in UK Maths contest

Tonbridge boys put in exceptional performances in a national competition testing students’ mathematical ability.

Four boys received medals for a top 100 placing.
Four boys received medals for a top 100 placing.

27th January 2020 — In the British Maths Olympiad Round 1, seven Tonbridgians were awarded distinctions for being ranked in the top 25 per cent of all competitors. The boys are Ben Gardner (CH4), Hayden Lam (FH2), Victor Lin (MH4), Isaac King (CH1), Kevin Lee (MH5), Godwyn Lai (MH5) and Sherman Yip (HS4).

Four of these boys, pictured, also received medals for achieving a place in the national top 100. Sherman, one of just seven students in the entire country to gain full marks, received a gold medal; Godwyn earned a silver medal; and Isaac and Kevin were awarded bronze.

Seven distinctions equals the school’s best performance in the British Maths Olympiad, a record set just last year, and four ‘top 100’ prizes is the school’s best showing to date.

A number of other Tonbridge boys earned the right to take part in the competition by being placed in the top 1,000 across the country in an earlier contest, the Senior Maths Challenge

Following the British Maths Olympiad Round 1, both Isaac and Sherman were invited to the UKMT (UK Mathematics Trust) New Year Training Camp in Hungary. Following another outstanding performance in this event, Sherman has been invited to represent the UK as one of a team of six at the Romanian Mathematical Masters. Isaac also performed well and is being trained for possible future opportunities.

In being selected for the Romanian Mathematical Masters, Sherman becomes the first Tonbridgian to represent the UK in a Maths competition.

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