Author Mitch Johnson visits Northcote Lodge

Using the much loved theme of football in his debut book 'Kick', author Mitch Johnson got the boys reflecting on important topics such as child labour and the impact that fast fashion has on the environment.

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27th January 2020 — Author Mitch Johnson visited Northcote Lodge to talk to the boys about his work as an author and present his debut book 'Kick'. The book’s running theme is a boy’s love for football and it sheds light on important issues such as child labour and sustainability.

During an interactive presentation, the boys took part in a variety of thought-provoking activities. It started with a dynamic game involving a football being thrown around the room so that they could take turn in revealing where an item of clothing they were wearing was made. It was followed by a fast-paced challenge about reassembling a pair of football boots against the clock, to give students an idea of what working in a sweatshop might be like. Then, there was a quiz designed to highlight the environmental and humanitarian issues surrounding fast fashion: did they boys know or think about where and how their clothes are made? During the final Q&A the boys had a chance to ask Mitch anything they liked. Unsurprisingly their questions ranged from ‘what does it take to be a real author’ to ‘what’s your favourite football player’!

Everyone attending the workshop not only thoroughly enjoyed Mitch’s presentation but learnt so much from it too.

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