Action-packed trip to Iceland

St Benedict’s Geography GCSE and A level students went on an amazing trip to Iceland at half term, enjoying spectacular coastal scenery, thermal pools and rivers, beautiful waterfalls and bubbling hot mud pools and geysers.

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5th November 2019 — There were many unique experiences, such as walking between two of Earth’s major plates; swimming in the world famous Blue Lagoon fed by a thermal power station; trekking over the fells to swim in a thermal river; witnessing the mighty Strokkur, the planet’s most active geyser.

Iceland sits on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge where the North American and European plates are slowly moving apart, resulting in regular earth tremors and giving rise to over thirty active volcanoes, some of which can erupt from below mighty ice caps like Eyafjallajökull. Geothermal power plants take advantage of the huge energy potential stored in sub-surface superheated water and they also provide virtually free heating and hot water for homes and workplaces. It is one of the world’s emptiest nations and is a true wilderness.

“Our youngsters had a fantastic time and they all have great memories of the sights they witnessed and activities they experienced”, said Peter Walton, Head of Geography.

Harry, an A level student, added: “The secret waterfall was wonderful. We visited the tourist waterfall at Selialandfoss but our guide took us to this hidden gorge with its own falls. It’s amazing that somewhere like this was formed totally naturally and without any human intervention.”

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