A Level success at Loughborough Grammar School

A Level students at Loughborough Grammar School are celebrating outstanding examination results today.

A Level Results at Loughborough Grammar School
A Level Results at Loughborough Grammar School

16th August 2019 — A Level students at Loughborough Grammar School are celebrating outstanding examination results today. Our departing cohort of 175 boys was the biggest year group in the 524 year history of the School, and all students can be extremely proud of their achievements. Our top 100 boys achieved 96% A*-B grades, placing their performance among the top achieving academic schools nationally. Almost half of all results were at A* or A, and 25 boys achieved at least 2 A* grades.

The Grammar School is particularly proud this year of the performance of its bursary holders. In line with the philanthropic principles laid down in 1495 by its Founder, Thomas Burton, Loughborough Grammar School gives away a number of free and heavily subsidised places each year to boys whose families would not otherwise be able to afford an independent education. This year, our 9 bursary holders achieved 18 A*s, 11 As and 2 B grades between them. 2 have achieved places at Cambridge University (with two others applying this autumn), and 2 leave to start courses at Medical School.

Headmaster Duncan Byrne said:

“Loughborough Grammar School is delighted with boys’ outstanding grades at A Level this summer. Collectively boys achieved no fewer than 279 A*/A grades, and 68 of them achieved AAB or better. We mustn’t forget, however, that success looks different for each individual student, and I would particularly commend boys who have made huge progress during the Sixth Form in order to attain results that they originally thought beyond their reach. Their strong work ethic, coupled with the generous support of skilled and dedicated teachers has helped them to exceed their expectations. The vast majority of Grammar School leavers have achieved their first choice of undergraduate course, and can look forward to a fulfilling university career.

In addition, we are also proud that boys’ impressive exam success has been achieved whilst maintaining a healthy sense of balance in their lives. At a time when society is better aware than ever before of the pressures on young people, our boys’ participation in Sport, Music, Drama and CCF has enabled them to develop the soft skills and resilience to thrive as young adults.”

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Oliver and Ben are both heading off to university
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Boys at Loughborough Grammar School celebrate their results

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