Going back to our roots

It's time to move away from past notions of 'development', argues Dr Felicia Kirk of St Mary's Calne. Schools must reflect the original ethos of 'public schools' and broaden access through charitable giving.

Creating opportunity for all

Social mobility has stagnated for far too long, says James Turner of the Sutton Trust. It’s time for the Government to enable independent schools to be within reach of bright pupils from all backgrounds.

The value of partnerships

Christopher King explores why pupils are the biggest beneficiaries of partnerships, rather than schools.

Mind the funding gap

Julie Robinson looks at the teacher pensions shortfall and its impact on our schools.

Views from Edinburgh

Ten Edinburgh independent schools commissioned a report showing the contribution they make to the local economy. John Edward, Director of SCIS, discusses the findings.

Strength in numbers

Julie Robinson highlights the findings of a report on the value of independent schools.