Issue 40


Creating opportunity for all

Social mobility has stagnated for far too long, says James Turner of the Sutton Trust. It’s time for the Government to enable independent schools to be within reach of bright pupils from all backgrounds.


Finding perspective

It is easy to get caught up in all the pressures of life – at work, home and school. Kit Thompson of Unicorn School urges parents to step back and check if there is enough space in their family lives.


Women are not small men

Gendered stereotyping is all around us and its impact is far from benign, explains Jane Gandee of St Swithun's. From an early age, it can affect the choices our children make and their future careers.


Ten golden rules for parents

It's often as hard for parents as it is for a child when starting a new school but, as Linda Renfrew of Hoe Bridge School suggests, there are some simple rules which make life so much easier for everyone.


Measuring a child’s success

Success is a relative concept as Tim Smith of Hampton Pre-Prep & Prep explains. Sometimes, to help motivate a child, it is better to remove pressure and remember it's a marathon and not a sprint.


New term resolutions

The start of term is a time to look ahead not just academically but pastorally as well, says Claire Boyd of Wimbledon High School. Positive behaviours can make all the difference to a child's mental fitness.

Editorial: The value of money

Matthew Smith looks at why we live in a society where spending money to educate your child is seen as buying 'privilege'.

The value of partnerships

Christopher King explores why pupils are the biggest beneficiaries of partnerships, rather than schools.

Who inspires girls today?

As the Girls’ Schools Association names its Woman of the Year shortlist, its President, Sue Hincks, considers the relevance of role models for young women today and why the award was started.